Wendy Scott Songlines

GENTICORUM Avant l'orage 2018

Mesmeric repetition dominates and elevates; this is a real trip of tracks saturated with ancient throwback sounds and tunes which take you to another era when life was simpler. It's reminiscent of folk music of the Middle Ages with a joyous beat and Genticorum's sound, while perhaps rather niche, is undeniably accomplished, blending jew's harp, fiddle, flute (perhaps a nod to Jethro Tull), guitar and accordion .The latter is their main driving force and the combination of piano and diatonic accordion is impressive, seamlessly melding with their signature three-part vocal harmonies on well-rounded, quirky songs of shipwrecks and more.
These charming tunes get under your skin and scatter their glittery Canadian-Gallic wisdom and before you know it, the intricately nuanced old-school music has whisked you away to a Canadian folk festival amid cobbled streets. If you're looking for a steady summer CD to calm and uplift, this is it.

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